Creative in chaos

Welcome to Creative in Chaos. I'm a mum of three, a painter (canvas- not wall), writer and e-commerce consultant.

This website began because of Covid-19. I'm obviously still scarred from that time we did nearly 72hrs in lockdown on Hamilton Island during cyclone Debbie (you can read about that here) because I decided to get prepped in case my family has to self-isolate.

I started a list of things to do with the kids at home. It got pretty mega (that's what pinning kids craft activities for a decade will do!). I hope it helps you keep your kids busy at this tricky and weird time.

You can follow me on insta @daniela.minns.makes and please tag me if you do any of the activities! x Daniela

ps- I'll update this list as new ideas come in. You can email me your ideas at

Click here for: Interactive activities that involve screens